Securely Gathering Misconduct Reports

Let your team tell you about fraud, corruption, misconduct or emerging threats within your organization anonymously and securely!

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The dilemma

Corruption in the workplace is a detriment to the purity of standards and proper administration. It can be expressed through theft, giving and receiving favors, ignoring the law, wasting resources, using the clerical staff to promote personal affairs, nepotism and more.


Employees who experience workplace corruption usually fear that exposing the act will personally endanger them.

Using the Whistleblower.Online reporting service will protect your business from unexpected threats.

Concern elimination

The service we provide eliminates employee concerns so that each one can provide a report anonymously and securely.

Find out today, what are the weak points of your business!

Multi Channel

We allow you receiving reports over a variety of communication channels. Each channel is completely anonymizing the communication if informant chooses to do so.

Web platform

Customizable multilingual web forms with different types of fields


We provide a phone numbers world wide, allowing anonymously send reports by texting


We provide a fax numbers in a selected countries to submit reports via fax


An email address allowing to submit reports sent by email


Submitting a report by leaving a voice mail on a dedicated number

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Let your team tell you about fraud, corruption, misconduct or emerging threats within your organization anonymously and securely!

Accessible 24/7

The service we offer is online and allows your team to report 24/7 from anywhere with a network connection.


The service allows your team to anonymously report wrong or threatening behavior in the way they feel confident and comfortable.


The service implements highest level of security mechanism for data protection, such as strict access control, encryption, etc.

Act right away

Team executives and senior executives at your business will receive the report instantly, so you can take actions according to the law or your company policy.

Build trust

Build trust by connecting all of the employees to the service which allows them to speak fearlessly about the misconducts they see.

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We offer a variety of pricing plans depending on the size of the company, scope of operations and level of the integration with customer's internal systems.
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